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The holiday is over, I came back home, the weather got cold, and the first thing I did was shop for clothes for the winter. The name of the site www.girlmerry.com. I love to wear thick sweaters, thick jackets, and boots for the winter.

I found a site that sells high-quality winter outfits and immediately started browsing. I wanted to buy two sweaters for myself. After wandering around for a bit, I found two sweaters that fit my taste.

Winter new 7 colors slight stretch lantern-sleeve stylish casual knitted sweater (only sweater) Wholesale

The sweater I chose first is a casual knitted sweater in green. It has seven different colors but I liked my favorite color green. The sleeves of the sweater are lantern sleeve style and have a very nice stance. I think it would look great in my jeans.

My second favorite is a zip-up jacket-style sweater with a pistachio green velvet cotton fabric. The jacket has huge pockets and has a very sporty look. It has three different colors, black, white and green. It is stylish enough to be combined with skirts, trousers, and leggings. I really like it, just my style.

There are wholesale winter clothes on the site. When I saw such beautiful products and liked it so much, I wanted to buy a gift for my sister whose birthday was approaching. I found a red leopard print sweater for my sister. The leopard detailed sweater has four different colors. My sister likes the color red very much, so I chose the red sweater. Leopard print clothes never go out of style.

Winter new 4 colors leopard stitching slight stretch long-sleeve loose stylish knitted sweater Wholesale

I wanted to buy one for myself as well—a snake-patterned heeled boot. The heel of the snake-patterned heeled boots with a zipper on the side is 7 cm.

There is also good news for you; To celebrate Girlmerry's 13th anniversary, all orders placed in September are at least 5% off!!! If you haven't done your winter shopping, be sure to take a look. There are also very nice jackets and shoes.

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  1. ilk süveter nasıl da güzel yaaaa :)

  2. Kazakları çok beğendim bu kış ihtiyacimız olacak ☺️

  3. İlki çok hoşmuş, ikincinin rengi fazla açık geldi. İyi günlerde kullanın. :)

  4. Hepsi çokkkkk güzeeeeel Lerzancığım, 👏👍😍🤗🌺


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