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I had a nice and full summer vacation. I traveled a lot, saw the places and people I love, and cooked and ate the food I liked a lot. I ate very carelessly during the summer vacation. I drank lots of colas and sugary drinks, made sweet getaways, ate pizzas and ate pasta and pastries. While I was eating well, I saw that I slowly gained weight. I didn't notice much of this weight gain slowly. In fact, I didn't care much about the weight I gained; until I saw that I couldn't fit into the dress I bought for my friend's wedding. 


 I was looking for a beautiful dress for my friend's wedding, and when I found it, I bought it immediately. I was relieved, I thought I got rid of the problem of what to wear. Unfortunately, I was wrong because the dress was too tight. So I immediately started looking for a private waist trainer. I can fit inside my dress if I wear a custom waist trainer


 I started looking for wholesale shapewear supplies. I looked at the feelingirldress website, which I had shopped before and was satisfied with. I have made many purchases from this site and have been very pleased with them. My mother is an overweight woman. She dresses from the plus size aisle. She always wears waist trainers inside her clothes. For her, I usually look for plus size shapewear bodysuits. Her clothes don't look good when she's not wearing a waist trainer. But if she wears a waist trainer inside her clothes, the clothes look nice and her self-confidence comes back. She uses her normal clothes more happily. Otherwise, he finds himself too fat and unhappy. She doesn't even want to wear a dress. 


 I just did my shopping. I chose a three-band corset for myself. It is straightforward to use, so I chose it. I can use it easily as it is not visible in my clothes. I loved how it made me look very elegant, especially when I wore it under my wedding dress. I tried it on my jeans, it was really nice. 



The corset I chose for my mother is red. My mom loves anything red. The red corset has both a zipper and a velcro fastening system. It is easy to use and shapes the body very nicely. It's elastic so it doesn't tighten. My mother also liked it very much and she loves using it. Do you guys use corsets?

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