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My niece has her wedding next week and I have been shopping for it. The subject of my article today is Aras's wedding shopping

My nephew Aras's style is a little different. She doesn't want to wear a classic suit at her own wedding, instead, she wanted to wear a vintage suit. I started researching for men's vintage clothing. Aras' fiancee will also wear a vintage wedding dress.

We chose a few outfits for Aras. Now I want to share with you the clothes we like.

Elegant and Simple Business Men's Suit Jacket

The first outfit we chose is the jacket with a black marshmallow fabric. It is a jacket that can be used comfortably after the wedding. This jacket is stylish enough to be combined with both jeans and fabric trousers.

The other jacket is a stylish blue jacket with a different texture. The reason why we prefer this jacket is that the bride will wear a blue dress at the henna night. Bride-groom harmony is very beautiful at weddings.

Men's Fashion Elegant Suit Jacket

Aras said he wanted to wear overalls at the bachelorette party. As strange as it may seem to us, this is her wedding; He will wear whatever he wants. Men's overalls were common in the past, but I thought I couldn't find many models these days. But on the site where I bought the jackets, we found very stylish men's overalls, we bought one. 
Men's overalls fashion is very stylish. The overalls we received look like 1920's civilian-military uniforms. I think he will wear a t-shirt inside the khaki overalls. They were going to decide it together with her fiancé, so we didn't take what she was going to wear.

CIVILIAN military uniforms from the 1920s to 1930s

These are the ones we bought for Aras. Which clothes did you like the most? Would you wear these at your own wedding? Let me be frank, I really liked the pieces we chose, but I wouldn't want my wife to wear them at my wedding, but in normal times, they are all very stylish and stylish clothes.

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