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This weekend, I will join the Erciyes Mountain tour in Kayseri. We really needed family vacation. It was a well-planned trip, but I'm sure it will be very enjoyable. I needed to do some shopping for this short vacation. I started to examine the stores that sell casual clothes for women. I'll be wearing ski clothes outside anyway, but I'm thinking of buying a dress to wear at the hotel.

I found a dress that was exactly what I was looking for. A long dress with blue and white flowers. A full seasonal dress; It can be worn in the summer and is stylish enough to be worn easily in the spring. It will be a great combination with a wedge heel shoe underneath.

Loose Printed Sleeveless Two-Piece Dress

The other outfit I want to buy is a maxi dress. A wide variety of casual maxi dresses for women. It will be very difficult to choose.

After visiting the shopping site for a long time, I found a maxi dress exactly as I wanted. A wonderful fitted dress with a green leaf print at the waist. I'm thinking of combining it with blue shoes and a blue bag. I think it will be a different and beautiful combination.

Casual Floral Print V Neck Long Sleeves Maxi Dress

The blue shoes I bought to wear under my green dress are also gorgeous. A floral wedge heel shoe with blue and sheer details. I have never seen such shoes in anyone. All eyes will probably be on my shoes as it is such a remarkable model. This shoe also has different colors. Actually, if I had money, I would like to buy them as well, but I will spend a lot of money on Mount Erciyes. I need to spend some money wisely.

Women's bohemian clear crystal rhinestone flower wedge sandals

These are the shopping I made for my Erciyes Mountain trip. Which piece did you like the most? I love my blue shoes, do you like them?

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