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I spent this week packing; because my son Kayra will go abroad for education. On the one hand, I identified its shortcomings, on the other hand, I did a lot of shopping for its shortcomings. When I went there, I tried very hard to make sure that there was nothing missing. The weather conditions of the country he is going to are a little different from ours. He will go to a country that is a little more rainy and cold. So I shopped for tactical clothing for my son. While buying, I chose the products that she can wear often. I would like to share the products I bought with you.

Men's Retro Lining Plus Fleece Zipper Tactical Shirt Jacket

Both me and Kayra love the retro style. When I saw the retro jackets, I couldn't help myself and buy two for Kayra. First, I bought a shirt-jacket style brown jacket with fleece inside. This retro jacket also had different colors, but I bought the brown one because Kayra said she needed a brown jacket. Otherwise, if it were up to me, I would buy the green retro jacket.

Mens Outdoor Windproof And Rainproof Multi-pocket Jacket

The other product I bought is a windproof, rainproof, gray close to green zippered jacket. Actually, it is more correct to say coat because it is of sufficient length and thickness.

While browsing the site, I saw the henley shirts types and bought another t-shirt. I bought a long-sleeve navy blue shirt in outdoor retro style. I chose this because it is a model that can be worn in all seasons.

Men's Outdoor Retro Tactical Henley Long Sleeve Shirt

Did you like the products I bought? Do you do your children's shopping?

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