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I'm thinking of going to Kayseri at the end of the February holiday. My family lives in Kayseri. My brothers live in other cities. We agreed with my brothers and decided to meet in Kayseri at the end of February when it was convenient for all of us. We made plans that we would travel together and attend parties for the future of my siblings. That's why I bought clothes for myself before going to Kayseri. I did my shopping from fgbuys site

Shopping online without leaving home is my favorite thing. There are not many models in the city I live in anyway, and walking around the market in this cold weather is very tiring. The best thing is to shop online. I started looking for dresses, blouses, and sweaters for myself from a women's boutique clothing online store.

Stand-up collar ruffled long-sleeved shirt


The first thing I liked was a leopard print winter jacket. I think it will look great on my jeans and corduroy pants. I'm thinking of wearing a white blouse inside and a black sneaker underneath.

When choosing a dress, I paid attention to being comfortable and stylish. I like a dress with a long sleeve bow. Since I have shoes of the same color, another beautiful combination is ready.

It's time to buy myself a blouse. I loved women's dressy blouses

Long-sleeved Contrast Plaid Bowknot Dress

, I had a hard time choosing. I like a green leopard jacquard long sleeve shirt. I think I will combine it very well with both my jeans and my fabric trousers.

I also liked a long sleeve, ruffled stand-up collar red shirt to wear over my black skirt. It will look gorgeous with my black stilettos underneath.

Autumn and winter fashion leopard print plush jacket

I bought the ones I liked right away, now I am waiting for my shipment impatiently. Did you like what I got? Which one did you like the most?

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