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Recently, my close friend Derya came to me. We drank coffee and chatted a bit. Then she asked me for help with something; Her boyfriend Gökhan invited her to the party for Valentine's Day, but she didn't know what to wear. You do a lot of online shopping, she said where would you recommend me to shop, and I recommended funfundress.com.

Tulle Semi-Sheer Puff Sleeve Bridesmaid Dress

Derya's boyfriend always wants to see her well-groomed and beautiful. Also, I think Gökhan will propose marriage, so what she will wear at this party is very important for Derya. The site I recommend has cheap party dresses. It will be a model that Derya will love.

Chemical Foiled Ruched Cami Bodycon Dress

I found a very elegant dress for Derya, just for Valentine's Day. The dress, which has tulle sleeves and skirts in red, close to burgundy, has a belt at the waist. I think it is a dress that is exactly Derya's style. I liked two more models for Derya, but Derya said she wanted a sexy bodycon dress. This time I looked from the sexy bodycon dress category. I think Derya should wear red or burgundy at Valentine's Day party on February 14. That's why I always liked red-burgundy dresses.

Puff Sleeve Slit Bodycon Dress

The dress I like this time is a red glittery mini dress. The same dress has a blue color, but the red is more beautiful.

As a different option, I chose a velvet fabric dress for Derya. Derya also liked the velvet fabric balloon-sleeved burgundy mini dress. I think she's going to wear this to the February 14 Valentine's Day party, but we got them both.

Which outfit did you like the most?

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