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Winter is going to be tough this year. While it snows a lot, the weather is also very frosty. My son, who is studying at university, said that he needed some clothes. I immediately started researching. At the end of my research, I found a very successful site about men's outdor clothing. I immediately started shopping.  

My son Kayra is studying in Ankara. Since Ankara is quite cold and frosty, I looked for thick clothes. I'm stuck between a few models of jackets and coats.  


I couldn't decide between the two jackets among men's outdoor jackets. One is a very stylish jacket made of black waxed fabric. A great jacket made for use in cold and harsh weather conditions. The waterproof jacket has plenty of pockets. When a surprise instant discount coupon came out, I threw it in the basket.  

My other favorite model is in green color. The fabric of the green jacket is made to be resistant to wear and tear. It is waterproof and has a breathing structure. My favorite feature is that it can be folded. When folded, it can become small enough to fit in a pocket. I even thought I'd get one for myself since it's unisex. I can get the small size for myself and the large size for my son. The jacket has two zippered security pockets, and the other pockets are magnetic, which is a big advantage. The fact that the pockets have a hand warmer feature was also the reason for my preference.  

This is how I shopped for outerwear for my son. I also profited from this job because while I was looking for a jacket for my son, I bought a jacket for myself as well. There are so many options on the site. I almost want to buy all of them because they are all very stylish and have very nice features. Which model did you like?

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