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I'm starting the week with a brand new shopping post. This time I did my shopping for my son because November 12 was his birthday. We couldn't celebrate because he was in Ankara to study at university. I thought I'd buy the clothes he needs as a gift. I did my shopping on the Soinyou site, which is one of the best in the menswear sector.

Mens Winter Plaid Thick Casual Jacket

When you examine the Soinyou shopping site, you can find whatever you are looking for men. Colorful cardigans, casual overalls, and sweaters, which are trend pieces of 2021, became my favorites.

Mens Winter Plaid Thick Casual Jacket

I visited the young men clothing for my son. Plaid shirts were very fashionable in my youth. It was sold as a lumberjack shirt. We all wore it, regardless of men or women. When I saw the checked shirts again this year, I wanted to buy a few for my son. I sifted through the options and decided to buy these two shirts. I like a few pairs of trousers that fit underneath as well. I will surprise my son when he arrives during the semester break.

While I was shopping, I wanted to buy a few retro tops. Among the retro tops, I really liked two of them. One is a t-shirt with a birthday print and the other is a plain knit polo shirt. Actually, there are more models that I like, but my son's style is a little different. I try to shop according to his style. Since I'm buying clothes for him, it must be the kind of thing he likes.

Gentlemens plain knitted polo shirt

Retro casual men's happy birthday t-shirt

I ordered the clothes I chose. When my son comes, I will invite his friends, I will make a nice cake and I will give him the clothes I bought. He will probably be very happy.

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