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I came back from vacation and immediately started writing about my last purchase to share with you.

Fashion spring and autumn loose embroidered dress jacket two-piece suit

Loose Floral Print Wide-Leg Pants

I did my last online shopping not for myself, but for my friend's daughter Melek. My friend's daughter Melek won the university, she will go to study in another city. We wanted to shop for clothes for Melek before she left.

                                  Round Neck Short Sleeve Chiffon Print Dress Suit

I was very satisfied with the BerryLook site, where I shopped for myself before. We also bought the clothes we will buy for Melek from the BerryLook website.


                                                Plus size dress retro cheongsam

Melek is a slender tall girl. It's not hard to choose clothes for her, she. Among the cheap clothes online, there are many options according to Melek's style. Melek loves sportswear. He wears casual t-shirts over jeans. She wears shorts with linen shirts and it suits her very well. She also prefers to wear midi dresses, Now I will share with you the clothes we chose for Melek.


Fashion V-neck Short-sleeved Butterfly Print Dress

I also looked at women's shift dresses. There were many different and beautiful models. Since the cuts of the dresses are straight, we thought it would suit tall Melek. Since Melek likes flower-patterned dresses very much, we generally looked at floral dresses. Melek bought four dresses because she could easily combine floral dresses on special occasions. She bought two shoes, two necklaces, and four rings to use with the dresses.

Women's wedge platform sneakers

There are also some very nice accessories on the site. There are so many products from shoes to glasses, from jewelry to hats. When you enter the site, you can take all your shortcomings and leave. That's why I and Melek chose BerryLook for our shopping. Have you guys shopped from the BerryLook site? Which outfit did you like the most?

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