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I’m here with a new text about a purchase that I made from a brand new website, Zapaka. Summer has come, even if there was a pandemic, children have continued studying and they graduated. My daughter, Kayra has finished middle school too. As soon as school ended, we started to prepare for two different events. The first one was her graduation party, and the other was the end-of-year prom. They will take photos in special clothes at the graduation party. Then they will wear their robes and get their school reports. After that, the cap throwing ceremony will be done. At the end of year prom, students will have dinner with their families and then the parents will leave the place and children will have fun. They will eat cake and dance a lot. For these two events, I started looking for a new dress for my daughter Kayra. The city that we live in is small so we didn’t want to buy from the shops in our city. Because she doesn’t want to wear the same dress as anyone else. We started to look for online shopping sites. One of them should have been a little more classical, the other one should have been more comfortable. Even though Kayra wants two different dresses for the events, she wants cream or white dresses.

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I wanted her to wear overalls for her graduation party. Even I showed her a couple of models. But she said she wants to wear a dress. She said she wants to look like a swan on that day, so she showed me some white dresses. Kayra likes studentklänning sytle dresses a lot. So we searched for these kinds of dresses. We chose two different dresses but we couldn’t choose between them. Actually, I liked the first dress. I thought it was too suitable for Kayra’s body proportion. However, she wanted the other one. She said she wants to wear that dress for a long time after that day. She said she could wear it for her relatives’ birthdays or friends’ parties. On the other hand evening, dresses could be used only once and have to stay in wardrobes for years. Kayra doesn’t really like dresses with decollete. She said the dress’s length could be above knee or ankle. Actually, even she couldn’t say that ‘’I want my dress to be like that.’’ My daughter is undecided so we struggle with that. I’m adding the ones we liked down below. Which one do you like the most?

We looked at a little more sports dresses for the end-of-year prom. We searched studentklänning vintage clothes. Even if most of the studentklänning dresses seem like wedding dresses, we eventually found some sports dresses. We decided on the dress I added below.

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In these dresses, the focus was on being plain, they fit well to my daughter’s style. But there were lots of dresses on this website, honestly, we had difficulty choosing the right one. Finally, we decided on the dress I added below. We finished her dress choosing thing, so it was my turn. I, as the mother of graduating student, wanted to be really pretty. I wanted a dress which is not extravagant but also suitable for my body proportion. I looked at dresses with flower patterns. I could wear a dress with a flower pattern but I realized that these kinds of dresses could make me look fatter. In fact, I really love overalls but I’m a short person so they don’t look good on me. I thought I might wear a black dress but then I realized it could be too serious. I decided to look for dresses with geometric patterns. I was calling my daughter, Kayra undecided but I saw that I’m as undecided as to her. Eventually, I chose a red dress for the graduation party. I'm thinking of reviving the plain red dress with a belt at the waist with some jewelry.

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I want a different style dress for the end-of-year prom. I thought it would be proper to wear a dress more classical for it. Finally, I decided on a dark blue guipure dress. As it was elegant and chic, it wasn’t hard to decide. Eventually, we both were ready. When our dresses were ready, we chose our jewelry from Zapaka. While Kayra was choosing a set including earrings, a necklace, and a ring for her graduation party she decided on a plain necklace and earrings for the end-of-year prom. We had to buy new pairs of shoes and bags too. Kayra had chosen a pair of red sparkly shoes and a sequined bag for the end-of-year prom. The heels of the red shoes were really high. I said ‘’You should choose lower-heeled shoes.’’ but she said she wants to be taller. She decided on more comfortable shoes for the graduation party. She also said ‘’I could wear that white, wedge-heeled shoes later too.’’ She chose a bag matching her shoes. Because the bag was small, her purse didn’t fit in her bag, so we bought a new purse too. Kayra also wanted pearl hairpins to wear while her hair was being made at the hairdresser. She chose a hat for the end-of-year prom. I chose a set including a necklace, earrings, and a ring for myself to wear at the graduation party. I really liked the set with red stones. I chose a ring with a big eye-catching stone for the end-of-year prom. Because I liked that ring very much, I bought a pair of earrings and a necklace matching it. Eventually, I had two sets for both of the events. I bought pretty, sparkling stone hair clips for my hair. They matched well with my clothes and bag. Finally, we were ready for both events. Now, I added the website to my favorite ones. I think we will shop from there more because we will have lots of parties in the future. Which one do you like the most among what I bought?

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