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My son is now a university student. School has not opened yet but asked for a waterproof backpack to use when the school break was over. While searching for waterproof backpacks, I came across a site with very stylish bags. There are very stylish canvas backpacks in many different models on the site. 
The place where these great bags are sold is on the lukacase online site. 

The bag my son wants should be both a waterproof canvas backpack and it should look stylish. I bought the following bag for my son. The bag has 3 different color options. The model is suitable for both men and women. I love nature walks, sometimes I think I can use them too. It is a durable bag as it is made of specially woven solid yarns. The fact that it is so durable yet light is also a big reason for me to choose this bag. It is also very nice that it does not stain and is not flammable. Also, the bag has a lot of pockets.  Model of the bag Lukecase Waxed Canvas Waterproof Backpack I think it is a model designed for every need. There are also different bags for those who do not prefer a backpack. I also liked two different multi-colored leather backpacks for myself. Leather bags never go out of fashion and can be used for many years as they do not get old.

Do you like the model bags I love? Which model bags are right for you? 

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