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Due to the pandemic, we could not shop as much as before; Because we do not go to many places such as weddings, excursions or cafes as before. But this does not prevent us from visiting shopping sites, on the contrary, it motivates people who like to shop like me. My favorite thing to browse online shopping sites is to buy what I like from home comfort.
I like to visit bag and shoe sites the most because I never have enough shoes and bags :) No matter how much I buy, my fondness for shoes never ends. New models and new styles paint my eyes. My favorite site is Shoesse.com

Shoes for women are very important.

There are models for every pocket and every taste on the site. Although I prefer wedge heel shoes, I like different and special models. I prefer colorful and crazy models rather than very classic models.

Shoes are very important for women. It completes our elegance and refreshes our confidence in ourselves. We can say that there is love between women and shoes. So at least for me. Shoes are undoubtedly one of my favorite gifts. And for almost all women, what is the most common item in their wardrobe, but can never stop buying a new one, the answer is shoes.
Casual boots are among the shoes that I am considering buying this year. I use the casual boots with my jeans as well as under the clothes. I can get a very nice elegance both while walking around at parties and sitting in the cafe.

Apart from these, stilettos that will never go out of style are a special place for me. As I said at first, I prefer filling heel models. The wedges are very comfortable and make the outfit I wear look more elegant. It is difficult for some women to wear stilettos, and in such cases, wedges are a savior. In addition, I wear wedge heel shoes easily in winter. Because they are high, my trousers do not get wet in snow or rain.

What type of shoes do you guys intend to buy this year? Do you have an indispensable style in shoe choice?

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  1. Özellikle etnik ve kızılderili, fırfırlı ayakkabı modellerine bayıldım. Çok güzel seçenekler var :)

  2. Modeller gerçekten çok güzel, bayıldım seçimlerine :)


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